Why do you need a chain brake and how is it triggered?

Chainsaws are not only used in the forest, but increasingly also in private gardens. Unfortunately, if used improperly, these useful devices pose a high potential risk. In the following we explain the purpose of an automatic chain brake as well as other alternative techniques to protect the user. What is a chain brake anyway? You almost think: a … Read more

What are the dangers of online games?

When we think of dangers on the Internet, online games do not come into our focus immediately. Unfortunately, the games on the smartphone or tablet are not as protected a space for children as we would like them to be. Interview with cyber criminologist  Many online games – especially game apps – appear cute, colorful, harmless at first … Read more


The children grow and so new restraint systems are required. The weight and age information on the child restraint systems are guidelines that should be adhered to whenever possible. The new child seat standard ECE R129 is no longer based on body weight, but on the height of the child. It is up to the manufacturers to decide in which … Read more

Alarm Status: Does Car Insurance cover me if I have a claim?

The entry into force of the state of alarm to stop the spread of COVID-19 has generated doubts among drivers and has fed hoaxes about Insurance that we want to deny. It is important that all Car Insurance customers in Spain know that the insurer maintains the vehicle’s coverage during the alarm state, in the same conditions as always. … Read more

How do Car Insurance bonuses work?

One of the commercial tools used by insurance companies to build customer loyalty is the Car Insurance bonus. We are talking about bonuses that are transformed into discounts. When the insured has not registered claims or given parts to the Insurance for a while. Car Insurance bonuses promote savings and help everyone to drive better. … Read more

Life insurance, how does it work?

How does life insurance work? Here is a comprehensive guide to the most common questions.  Unmatched asset management tool but also multifunctional investment, life insurance remains the most popular savings product for French households. However, life insurance remains relatively unknown to savers, especially on everything relating to the multiplicity of its uses, choosing the right contract … Read more

Fundamentals of commercial insurance in the United States

It is no surprise that there are many differences between the business area in the United States of America and that of many countries in Latin America. And while there are many experienced North American companies operating in the South, it is a newer phenomenon than Latin American companies that are investing in foreign lands and … Read more

The lifespan of your child’s car seat: Nothing is forever

Our children are the greatest treasure, and who we are parents try to give them the best care; therefore, we take all necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring your safety. Believe it or not, child car seats also have a useful life, above all, because the materials with which they are made wear out for different reasons. Here is … Read more