Alarm Status: Does Car Insurance cover me if I have a claim?

The entry into force of the state of alarm to stop the spread of COVID-19 has generated doubts among drivers and has fed hoaxes about Insurance that we want to deny. It is important that all Car Insurance customers in Spain know that the insurer maintains the vehicle’s coverage during the alarm state, in the same conditions as always. … Read more

How do Car Insurance bonuses work?

One of the commercial tools used by insurance companies to build customer loyalty is the Car Insurance bonus. We are talking about bonuses that are transformed into discounts. When the insured has not registered claims or given parts to the Insurance for a while. Car Insurance bonuses promote savings and help everyone to drive better. … Read more

Mandatory Travel Insurance for Spain and all of Europe

Find out how to get International Travel Insurance, for those who do not know, it is mandatory to travel to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Spain and all of Europe. We will explain you better and give you all the recommendations so that you can choose the best insurance and find the best prices, saving a lot. For most places … Read more