Fundamentals of commercial insurance in the United States

It is no surprise that there are many differences between the business area in the United States of America and that of many countries in Latin America. And while there are many experienced North American companies operating in the South, it is a newer phenomenon than Latin American companies that are investing in foreign lands and … Read more

How to get short-term disability benefits

If you have been temporarily injured and cannot work, you need to support yourself and your family. You may qualify for short-term disability benefits, but to determine your eligibility, you must go through the application process. Because the application process can take three to five months before a decision is made, it is essential that you apply … Read more

Find out how the United States system works

The cost of medical care in the United States is very high and there is no national health system as such. However, there is a public system for certain categories of people that is divided into two different programs: Medicaid and Medicare.Medicaid targets people and families in need (11% of the population), while Medicare covers people … Read more