Insurance for foreign expatriates in France and Europe

Are you coming to live in France or Europe for a long time? A course of study, a new job, a family reunion? Buzzmeg supports you in the selection of the best international health insurance contract. It all depends on your situation and your needs, we also offer insurance adapted to the Long Term Visa covering the biggest risks, as well as comprehensive insurance which can cover all your medical costs from everyday medicine to hospitalization.

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Health insurance from the 1st euro or in addition to social security?

In order to best prepare for your visit to France, it is important to remember to find out about the various health insurance offers for expatriates. There are mainly two types of operation: so-called “first euro” insurance and insurance in addition to Social Security. The first category allows you to have a single contact and facilitate your reimbursement procedures. The second category is also interesting if you are eligible for social security and will allow you to supplement social security reimbursements, which are often limited to 70% of actual costs.

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On what criteria should you choose your expatriate insurance in France?

First, you must determine your main need: high-level health coverage (in this case, turn to GoldImpat or FirstExpat) or rather coverage for serious accidents?
(EuropeAccess could suit you)

Then, once this need is clearly established, Buzzmeg advises you to pay attention to several essential points:

  • any deductibles.
  • any waiting periods.
  • any exclusions (playing a sport at a professional level, etc.).
  • global ceilings but also by medical procedure.
  • check the options included additional options (repatriation, civil liability, dental and optical care, maternity…)
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