Mandatory Travel Insurance for Spain and all of Europe

Find out how to get International Travel Insurance, for those who do not know, it is mandatory to travel to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Spain and all of Europe. We will explain you better and give you all the recommendations so that you can choose the best insurance and find the best prices, saving a lot. For most places in the world, international travel insurance is very important, although it is not mandatory, if you go to Barcelona, ​​Paris, London or any other destination in Europe, you have to purchase travel insurance to enter. International travel insurance is the guarantee that you are completely covered with all the necessary assistance, in case you have any inconvenience in Europe. Travel Insurance is really cheap and includes medical service, dental service, theft insurance.

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If you plan to travel to that destination, be sure to also read the unmissable suggestions of How to save a lot in Barcelona and in Spain . These are very useful tips, worthwhile, and will help you save a lot on trip planning and when you’re there. Your trip to Spain will be much cheaper than you imagined and you can take advantage of it even more. See below all about International Travel insurance for Spain.

Minimum insurance coverage for Europe

Since International Travel Insurance is mandatory to travel to Barcelona, ​​don’t worry, because we are going to give you all the suggestions on how to find the best insurance, from the best companies and at incredible prices. The only obligation in Europe is that the insurance has a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros in medical service, therefore that is the item that you must analyze when hiring it. Even if it were not mandatory, the ideal is to obtain insurance with that coverage, since a simple medical consultation in Barcelona costs 500 euros, so imagine how much a hospitalization or a more complex procedure such as the emergency department or simple surgery costs. Finally, how to find the best travel insurance for Europe?

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Amazing travel insurance price comparator

There is an excellent price comparator and we always buy our insurance from them since the prices are unbeatable. It is a comparator that has the best insurers in Europe and the world, and shows all the prices so that you can choose the best option. You will find really unbeatable prices. If you want to do your search, you only have to click here in  Travel insurance comparer . After the search, you can already hire in less than 5 minutes, easily and quickly, you just need to print your insurance policy and take it with you on the trip. The earlier you book, the less you will pay, plus it is much cheaper than hiring through travel agencies and you can pay in up to 12 installments with a credit card.

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Best travel insurers in Europe and the world

The companies we recommend are world leaders in the international insurance market and have branches in all major cities and 24-hour service. They are the Travel Ace, Vital Card, Assist Med, Assist Card, SulAmérica, Green Card and GTA. They are all excellent and reliable. A tip for when you go to hire yours, see in each of the options how much it covers for medical service and luggage reimbursement, which are the most important and most used coverage.

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Finally what is the Schengen Treaty?

It is an agreement established by several countries in Europe, which obliges all people from other countries who go there to have International Travel Insurance with a minimum value of coverage of 30 thousand euros in medical services due to accident or illness. It is a way to ensure that visitors are insured in the event of a health problem or accident. The countries participating in the Schengen Treaty are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland , Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, Travel Insurance is for all of Europe and not for a particular city. If you are traveling to London, for example.

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Tips to make the most of your trip to Spain

And Now that you already know everything about the mandatory International Travel Insurance for Spain, a good observation that makes the difference in the trip is that some tourist spots, beaches, interesting cities and winemakers are a bit far from the city, it is an excellent option to make the most of your trip to Spain and rent a car. Many people do it, so you can visit several cities in Spain that are magnificent, taking a tour of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Valencia, Seville and even going to Portugal, which is close to there, it is one of the most beautiful trips and the roads are nice. If you want, visit our article  How to rent a car in Spain with suggestions on how to rent a good car for an incredible price, find and compare excellent prices, the necessary documents and everything you need to know on the matter, to save and find the best price.

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Tips for purchasing tickets to attractions in Spain

Another important tip to save money and time is with the walks. To know the majority of the tourist spots and museums in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and all the cities of Spain, it is necessary to buy the tickets for each place. The suggestion is to buy all the tickets in advance on the Internet, which in addition to being cheaper, you can save a lot of time that you would waste in the ticket office lines, and in this way you travel with the tickets in hand and you will have the guaranteed attractions. An interesting page that we always use is the  Europa Website . It is one of the largest ticket, tour and tourist points sellers of any city in the world. We always check well and have the best price.

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Use your cell phone whenever you want in Barcelona

Being able to use the Internet from your mobile phone in Barcelona is excellent and worth it. The tourist spots, restaurants, shopping centers and beaches have excellent applications. And also, you save about 90 dollars for not needing to rent a GPS for the car with the car rental agency because you can use your cell phone, you can find the addresses and hours of any place you want, see the weather forecast to plan Better walks and beaches, and it is logical to be connected with everyone through applications and publish your photos of Barcelona on social networks. If you want, see our tips on  how to use the cell phone whenever you want in Barcelona. It is super cheap and you can use your phone all day and anywhere. And you can also find everything about where to stay in Barcelona when you are there.

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