Life insurance, how does it work?

How does life insurance work? Here is a comprehensive guide to the most common questions.  Unmatched asset management tool but also multifunctional investment, life insurance remains the most popular savings product for French households. However, life insurance remains relatively unknown to savers, especially on everything relating to the multiplicity of its uses, choosing the right contract … Read more

Fundamentals of commercial insurance in the United States

It is no surprise that there are many differences between the business area in the United States of America and that of many countries in Latin America. And while there are many experienced North American companies operating in the South, it is a newer phenomenon than Latin American companies that are investing in foreign lands and … Read more

The lifespan of your child’s car seat: Nothing is forever

Our children are the greatest treasure, and who we are parents try to give them the best care; therefore, we take all necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring your safety. Believe it or not, child car seats also have a useful life, above all, because the materials with which they are made wear out for different reasons. Here is … Read more

Kids First: 5 Tips for Child Safety in the Car

We know that your children will always be your main concern and you will always look out for their well-being, therefore, it is important to take all the necessary precautions to keep them safe, especially when they are our passengers in the car. At we have prepared a guide on the 5 most important considerations … Read more

How to care for victims of a traffic accident

We do not know when we can be victims of a traffic accident or be present when one occurs, so it is important to be clear about what we should do in an emergency of this type. In any risk situation, it is important to be prepared and remain calm at all times, with this … Read more

How to get short-term disability benefits

If you have been temporarily injured and cannot work, you need to support yourself and your family. You may qualify for short-term disability benefits, but to determine your eligibility, you must go through the application process. Because the application process can take three to five months before a decision is made, it is essential that you apply … Read more

How to reduce your factoring costs?

Factoring is today the preferred financing method for banks. However, it comes at a high cost. Here are some ways to cut factoring costs. Banks today primarily offer factoring as a short-term financing method, but factoring is expensive. The cost averages around 7 to 15% of the money loaned. Why such a range? Mainly because … Read more

What types of insurance are popular and unpopular in Russia

In Russia, a preconceived attitude towards insurance has developed. Policies are generally issued only when the bank requires it, for example, when buying an apartment on a mortgage or a car on credit. Unfortunately, because of this, people themselves deprive themselves of the opportunity to save money and nerves. Sergei Katargin, General Director of Independent Insurance Consultants and … Read more

Insurance for foreign expatriates in France and Europe

Are you coming to live in France or Europe for a long time? A course of study, a new job, a family reunion? Buzzmeg supports you in the selection of the best international health insurance contract. It all depends on your situation and your needs, we also offer insurance adapted to the Long Term Visa … Read more