How to care for victims of a traffic accident

We do not know when we can be victims of a traffic accident or be present when one occurs, so it is important to be clear about what we should do in an emergency of this type. In any risk situation, it is important to be prepared and remain calm at all times, with this you guarantee that you can handle the situation and resolve in the best way. We present you some options that you should take into account on how to take care of a person after a traffic accident.

car accident

First you go, then the others

The first thing is always to watch over yourself. It is not for nothing that on airplanes, when they give instructions on how to put on the respirator, the first thing they say is that you must first put it on and then help the person next to you. This is vital in order to be helpful to others in properly handling an emergency. On the other hand, it is necessary that, if you are the victim of an accident, but are in a position to help others, keep in mind that after verifying that you are well, you should try to stay calm and gather your emotional strength to get involved in the rescue. If you can’t, don’t try it; no one will blame you. If you witness a collision, don’t get close immediately, first you need to be sure that nothing will put you at risk, and then you can act. Remember to do it firmly and calmly, because the worst thing that could happen is that a third person goes into shock when trying to help. This, unfortunately, accentuates the tragedy of the moment.

Car accident

Announces that there is a traffic accident

As a protection measure, both for the rest of the passers-by and for the injured person, it is important to inform everyone that there is an irregular situation on the road and thus avoid major accidents. In this case, the first thing you should do in a traffic accident is to turn on the emergency lights or flashing lights. This serves as a chain to send a message to cars that are further away and let them know that something is up ahead. Of course, if you happen to be a witness to the accident, once you make sure you are safe, immediately call the emergency numbers, to whom you should report where the accident happened and, if possible, how many people are involved

Get close to the victim

Once you know that help is on the way, go talk to the person or people involved. Observe what state they are in, and wait for the paramedics to arrive. It is important that if you see children in the car, they are your priority. Try to protect them and ensure their well-being, and then take care of the adults. If they are aware, it is appropriate that you help them stay calm, and try not to move from where they are. Phrases like “everything will be fine”, “you are not alone” or “help is on the way” will be of great importance when reassuring them. It is also important to ask them for the phone number of a family member or emergency contact. This will not only serve to inform about the emergency situation, but also to check your mental state ; Find out if they have suffered brain trauma or are in shock.

In case of seeing wounds: first aid

The main recommendation is always to let paramedics take over, so if you don’t have experience providing first aid , it is best not to touch victims. However, if you have experience and can care for people, the first thing you should do is check if they are breathing and have a pulse, and then assess if they have significant injuries. If you notice that someone stops breathing and you know how to apply CPR , don’t be afraid to do it. You could save a life! If victims are seriously injured, it is best not to remove them from the vehicle unless doing so avoids worsening their situation. the wounds that they must be taken care of immediately are the most bleeding and that can mean a hemorrhage; a tourniquet should be applied to these to stop the bleeding. Minor injuries can be cared for by paramedics or will be treated once people arrive at the hospital

And if the vehicle catches on fire

This is the only and largest case in which removing victims from the vehicle is the main and most important aspect of all security measures, except those that protect you, of course. If the vehicle is burning, or you see gasoline spilled on the ground and there is a possibility of a fire, then first of all, try to minimize the risk by dumping dirt on the gas tank or the flame, so you save time to remove the victims ASAP. To remove someone from a vehicle, it is recommended that you do it with great care and delicacy; With the help of two other people, try to get your feet out first, then your torso, and then your head, supporting it so that the spine is not damaged. When we least think about it we can be victims of a traffic accident or witness one, so it is important to have a good idea of ​​what we can do to help those affected. Respecting traffic regulations, yielding to other vehicles, not driving if you have had alcoholic beverages and, above all, fastening your seatbelt, are basic recommendations that can save your life.