The lifespan of your child’s car seat: Nothing is forever

Our children are the greatest treasure, and who we are parents try to give them the best care; therefore, we take all necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring your safety. Believe it or not, child car seats also have a useful life, above all, because the materials with which they are made wear out for different reasons. Here is how to make sure your baby car seat is safe and you can continue to use it:

Always read and never discard manufacturer-designed instructions. In fact, among the first reasons that specialists insist that you do not receive used chairs is because, most of the time, the instructions have been lost.   The instructions are essential, among other reasons, because in these we check if all the parts of the child car seat are complete. And, believe it or not, even if only one piece is missing, that can greatly reduce the effectiveness of car seat protection.

First of all, read the instruction manual

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The child car seat longevity must not be more than ten years old

If for the same reasons you decided to accept a child car seat as an inheritance, although they have assured you that it has had little use, confirm that its age is not more than ten years. This is because the materials with which SRIs (child restraint systems) are manufactured, such as polystyrene and plastics, tend to deteriorate over time, heat, or humidity.

As time goes by, Child Retention Systems (SRI) is being perfected. Specialized companies invest in research to improve materials, anatomical designs adapted for children, shock absorption systems, among others. Therefore, it is better to buy a newer model, because you will be investing in the safety of your child.   Of course, do not forget that as long as your child does not exceed 135 cm in height, he must go in the back of the car with the SRI corresponding to his age and size. Your safety and well-being is always the most important thing, and this is an issue that must be addressed from all perspectives.

Check the expiration date and harness

The expiration date usually comes on the labels on the bottom of the chair. If you do not find any label indicating this information, it is preferable that you do not purchase this chair. On the other hand, you must take into account that its useful life is counted from the moment of its manufacture and not from the moment you purchased it.   The harnesses should be straight, well tightened and placed at shoulder height. One test to verify if the harness has the necessary tension is to try bending it. You shouldn’t be able to make a spread!

Very important! If the chair was in an accident

If your baby car seat has already been in an accident, it is recommended that you do not continue using it because it may have suffered structural damage even if it is not noticeable. It is considered that, if a child car seat has been in an accident in which the vehicle was traveling at a speed of 15 km / h, its functionality is considerably reduced.

The SRI are modernizing